Dead Sea Health Benefits

Dead Sea, Earth’s lowest elevation on land, attracts countless visitors for centuries. It has incredible natural healing powers. People from around the world that have problems with rheumatism, psoriasis, and arthritis enjoy the magic of the Dead Sea to relieve the pain.

Dead Sea is known as “Salt Sea” as well. It has high salt concentration, with 33.7% salinity in it (10 times higher than the Mediterranean Sea) and 26 essential minerals. A dozen of those minerals don’t even exist in any other ocean or sea. In addition, warm and sunny climate makes a wonderful atmosphere to stay and enjoy the lowest place on earth.

What Elements Make Dead Sea So Unique?

· Magnesium: assists to generate energy and to make protein synthesis.
· Zinc: stimulates collagen synthesis and improves skin elasticity, encourages cell regeneration. It helps to prevent acne by improving milk secretion. Zinc is used as an anti-inflammatory, and more.
· Potassium: helps to smooth and sleek a dry skin, fight acne, and regulate the heart rate.
· Sodium: aids body’s metabolism and maintain fluids balance between the cells and the environment.
· Calcium: plays an important role in protecting cells.
· Strontium: prevents itching and soothes irritation in case of skin infection that may result from a regular use of synthetic cosmetic products.
· Bromine: has soothing and healing powers for the skin.
· Boron: helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and psoriasis.

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients within the Dead Sea mud that people spread all over their bodies? Mud at the Dead Sea contains elements of the minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, boron and iron. Due to their amazing micro powers, these elements penetrate skin's pores. They remove dead skin cells and enrich the skin with essential minerals that makes it smooth and soft. Various minerals within the mud and the Dead Sea water nourish the upper layer of the skin, regenerate the skin and stimulate skin cells.
In addition, the mud helps to prevent wrinkles and soothes existing ones. It makes the face and the body smooth, healthy and shiny. Moreover, the mud is known for its ability to make skin’s scars and irritations less visible. The mud is also helpful in treating acne and reducing cellulite.
Magic from head to toe…

Dr. Nona –The Force of Life from the Dead Sea

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea.
One way is to take a vacation to the Dead Sea. During your stay, you can take a dip in the sea and soak in the warm waters. You can apply the mud on your body that is next to the shore. It is a great opportunity to pamper your body and soul.

Another way (and the easiest way!) is to purchase cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals. Dr. Nona developed the revolutionary and exclusive Halo Complex™ formula that harnesses an extraordinary life and strength of the archaebacteria that manages to survive against all odds in the Dead Sea. These amazing properties of the archaebacteria are part of the production of the health and beauty products that have unprecedented therapeutic and anti-ageing powers.
The combination of the archaebacteria with the Dead Sea’s healing properties led to the creation of a new generation of the Dead Sea products. They have extraordinary lasting and effective qualities. These benefits contribute to slow the skin’s aging process, to protect against the harms of nature and time, and even to heal and restore skin’s youthful and fresh look.


All Dr. Nona products are developed and produced at the 'Lenom' clinic. The clinic uses the world’s most advanced equipment and meets the highest quality standards (ISO 9001 and ISO GMP). The production is led by different scientists and experts with vast knowledge in the medical and cosmetics fields.
The Company believes in nature's wisdom. Therefore, it invests great effort to protect the environment by taking steps to avoid ecological damage from its manufacturing processes. The company sorts the waste; its products don’t undergo any testing on animals and it recycles materials that are used for the product's packaging.

Dr. Nona Company has already changed lives of millions people around the world.