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Are you looking for advice on purchasing or using Dr.Nona products? Look no further than Michael Moder, Dip. Holistic Therapist and Leader Director of Dr.Nona International Ltd. With over 40 years of experience in the health area and 15 years of experience with Dr.Nona products, Michael can provide you with expert guidance.

Michael has been nominated for Hübners Who is Who (2009), a major worldwide encyclopedia of outstanding personalities, for his coaching, counselling, and therapeutic work results. As the most important partner of Dr.Nona International Ltd in the Czech Republic and Ireland, he holds the status of Leader Director.

Aside from his work with Dr.Nona products, Michael is also a holistic healing therapist (, fitness and nutrition consultant, trainer, lecturer, and writer. He is the author of his own therapeutic method (Moder Method ®) for removing pain and health problems, as well as original systems and processes protected by trademarks. He has also written many articles on various topics and several books. As a certified manager with years of experience, Michael also focuses on business and marketing, as well as video content creation.

In summary, if you need professional advice on Dr.Nona products, Michael Moder is the expert to turn to. With decades of experience and numerous accomplishments under his belt, Michael is a true leader in the health and wellness industry.

Michael Moder Dip. Holistic Therapist
Healer, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant
Business Manager and Leader Director of Dr.Nona International Ltd.
Video Content Creator

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