Warning for our dear customers of www.drnona.shop...

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Warning for our dear customers of www.drnona.shop:

We would like to inform you about the new packaging for Dr.Nona products that now come with a pumping system, including the Dynamic Cream, Night Cream, Facial Solaris, ARD Complex Moisturizing Face Cream, and SHP Skin Halo Protector (SPF 30) - Day Time Face Cream, among others.

After unpacking the cream, please note that you should not remove the rubber cap from the hole in the applicator lid through which the cream is dispensed. The rubber cap is essential for the pump to work properly, and removing it may result in the product not functioning as intended.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Michael Moder Dip. Holistic Therapist
Healer, Fitness and Nutrition Consultant
Business Manager and Leader Director of Dr.Nona International Ltd.

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