What is the best-selling product from the Dr. Nona collection? It is Dr.Nona Solaris Body Lotion.

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What is the best-selling product from the Dr. Nona collection? It is Dr.Nona Solaris Body Lotion.
Customers from all over the world know about this cream, whether they live in China, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Ireland, or Germany.

Dr. Nona Body Milk Solaris D.N. from the Dead Sea is an excellent product that should not be missed in any household. It has many positive effects and is a universal helper for many body problems, such as oncology, burns, radiation, cancer, scars, healing, migraines, pains, ulcers, pigment spots, fibrosis, gynaecology, inflammations, and more.

The body milk has highly effective protective and regenerative capabilities. In today's world, where ultraviolet radiation and pollution cause a large increase in the number of oncological diseases, it acts preventively on the skin exposed to these harmful effects daily. It also protects against sun and other burns and helps heal skin diseases caused by irradiation.

The basic ingredients of this product include a complex of restoring DNA, water and minerals of the Dead Sea, vegetable wax emulsion, sunflower oil, jojoba, avocado, aloe vera extract, orange, rosemary, thyme, tocopherol (isopropyl palmitate, lecithin, salicylic, gluconic, ascorbic).

This body milk has various indications, such as headache, migraine, irritation, burns, scars, ulcers after irradiation, thermal and chemical burns, skeletal and muscular pain, mastoptia, wounds, scarring, haemorrhoids, neurodermatitis, dermatitis, skin defects, bactericidal effects, gynaecology, fibrosis, after irradiation and postoperative keloids, pruritus of damaged skin, pigment spots, mild cosmetic cream, frostbite, dry psoriasis, gynaecology (rejuvenation of the body, prostate, men aftershave, surgical procedures, mild pain, stop bleeding, dissolves scars, is anti-inflammatory, otitis, ear disease).

Please note that Solaris Dr. Nona body lotion, like many other Dr. Nona products, contains natural ingredients, essential oils, and extracts. These ingredients have a specific and unrepeatable effect on the properties of each part of the product. They affect the smell, color, and sometimes the consistency of the product. It is not possible to achieve exactly the same properties for all similar natural ingredients, so their effect on individual products is never the same.

Sometimes, Solaris Dr. Nona body lotion may contain batches with a more herbal scent than previous ones. However, the quality and effect remain the same as any other Solaris Dr. Nona body lotion.

Additionally, Solaris Dr. Nona body lotion may contain a very aromatic batch of thyme essential oil (composed of Thymus vulgaris Oil). This adds not only its beneficial effects to the product but also a very intense herbal scent.

Please note that when using natural extracts, it is not possible to guarantee exactly the same properties for each batch. Therefore, another smell or color from the above reasons is not a reason to complain or return the product. This is the official statement of the company Dr. Nona International Ltd., dated May 12, 2022.

Dr.Nona products, whether dietary supplements or cosmetics are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.

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